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In order to configure Passivbot, you will need to provide a json file when starting the bot. These config files are typically stored in the configs/live.

Configuration options

Long and short positions are supported and have each the same parameters.

Parameter Description
enabled Set to false and bot continue as normal, but not make new positions once previous positions have been closed.
wallet_exposure_limit Position cost to balance ratio limit.
eprice_exp_base Set to 1.0 and each node in the entry grid will be equally spaced. Any value > 1 and nodes will have wider spacing deeper in the grid.
eprice_pprice_diff Per uno difference between entry price and resulting pos price. Higher values means lower qtys per node
grid_span Per uno span from initial entry to last node in primary grid.
initial_qty_pct Initial entry qty = balance_in_terms_of_contracts * wallet_exposure_limit * initial_qty_pct
min_markup Distance from pos price to first Take-Profit order
markup_range Distance from first Take-Profit order to last Take-Profit order.
max_n_entry_orders Max number of nodes in entry grid.
n_close_orders Max number of nodes in Take-Profit grid.
secondary_pprice_diff Distance from pos price to secondary entry price.
secondary_allocation Allocation of wallet_exposure_limit for secondary entry. E.g. 0.4 means 40% to secondary, 60% to primary.

Secondary entry is independent of primary entry grid, intended to catch abnormally deep dips.

Since Passivbot 5.3, EMA are introduced to allow: * limit initial entries at peak of pump/dump * auto unstuck position The mechanism is described in this chapter : (

Here is a diagram summarizing the parameters (without EMA):

Grid Parameters Full image